When I saw that Voyeur was teamed up with another stud in a hardcore fucking gallery at Ebony D, I couldn't believe it. I first saw Voyeur a couple of weeks back when he and his monster cock made his debut on the site. There's one picture where he's sitting on the edge of the bed and his cock is flopping over the side, he's got his hand wrapped around the base, and there's still enough room to grab a couple more fists full of cock. It's massive. When I visited Ebony D today and saw the hardcore gallery, I just thought, "Poor guy, he's going to be walking funny for a week." Voyeur shows up presumably to fix this guy's kitchen plumbing. As this stud is cleaning out some cupboards so Voyeur can get access to the pipes, he spies that monstrous bulge in Voyeur's pants. Then later he's sneaking a peek while Voyeur's pissing, but Voyeur catches him and gives him more than a closer look. Voyeur bends him over and feeds him some pipe alright, and unbelievably, this stud takes it all. For the rest of the afternoon these two fuck in every position imaginable and end up jacking off together. It's a pretty hot fucking scene.

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