As a former resident of Vancouver BC Canada for 19 years, I can attest that men from that part of the world are awesome. Health-conscious, open-minded, and always horny, you sure can have your fair share of fun there. I certainly did. He He. Mikey of BENTLEY RACE hails from there. Bentley took a little trip and happened to hook up with Mikey. He hadn't planned on doing any shooting but Mikey was so hyped up about it that things just happened. Mike is cute as hell and has just the right amount of naughty boy persona to make him a good catch. He has a pretty nice cock too.


I wonder what Mikey's got for us underneath his gym shorts there. His look is that of a man who means business and I'm sure he does. Some guys just seem so comnfortable in front of the camera. Mikey fits that bill to a tee.


Nice smile Mikey. He looks as though he's having a lot of fun. Well I imagine he is knowing that all us perverts get to see him in all his glory. Love the tatts and that cockring. Yes, I love the cockring. Get that dick nice and hard and purple. Mmmm.


Yeah, Vancouver boys aren't shy in the least. "What's that? Did you say you'll pay me to take my clothes off? Hell, I'd do it for free!" Well, they're not all like that but I can confirm that they do love to take their clothes off. BENTLEY RACE and the rest of us know it now too. Vancouver rocks! So does Bentley Race.

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