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I asked a bunch of my friends if they thought a dick could ever be too big. I mean look at Matt Hughes here, he's got two fists wrapped around that monster and there's still room for a third grip. The answer was unanimous and all of my friends said, "No, a dick can never be too big!" A couple of them indicated that they were unsure about what they might do with such a big dick, but everyone agreed that it would be fun trying. And this blond Brit with the monstrously huge dick is back on UK Naked Men and he's giving us a good look at that long stump of a cock. (I just about lose my mind when I see him sliding his foreskin up and down that thing.) And honestly, I just don't know what else to say about this dick. It's long, it's thick, it's hard, and it's uncut! Can it get any more perfect than that? And if you're unsure how you might handle such a huge piece of meat, you'll want to check out Matt in action on UK Naked Men; he's paired up with a couple of horny men who know exactly what to do with an 11-inch cock!

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