Cam Bois: Pec Explosion at Flirt4Free Cam Bois: Pec Explosion at Flirt4Free

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Meet the hot guys who invented the cam names: Bruce Storm, Esteban, Dennis, Mark Gun, Chris Rocks. And I don't need them to be anything but anonymous that way. Because it's all a fantasy, these hot  guys in your screen who act all fuck-puppety. 

And what a fantasy! Because damn, they really get naked for you. And do what guys do when they're naked. And I don't mean shiver.

They do have a leg up in the flirting angle. Except for underwear parties, we're often at a strict disadvantage for such advanced flirting techniques as stripping to your underwear and posing for maximum effect.

Just casual enough to be pursed. Not so casual as to be overlooked. Though the unsubtle dick hang out is always a strong option. Perfect on a date over tea.

I'm thinking a wireless keyboard is a prime example of genderless "clothing" because anyone can sort of block themselves with that plastic rectangle as if it's shorts. While simultaneously begging to be seen. And flirted with. If anything you'll feed their egos, which can help give them confidence in their workouts and then you get to see their well worked out body. It's win-win.

Actually win-win-win because some of them work out on cam too. Applause.

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