Cam Bois: Cocks on Display at Flirt4Free Cam Bois: Cocks on Display at Flirt4Free

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Meet Andrew Scooter, Danny Randal, Sebastian I, and Vlad X. Have ai mentioned I"m changing my name to Vlad X? No relation to Malcolm. 

Lest you think exposing on cam (and interacting with the guys) is totally apolitical though, consider that it was only in the '60s (in the US anyhow) that "obscene" materials were technically allowed to be mailed. That is obscene as judged by others in your community. 

So this currently open exchange of naked imagery, including beamed to you live, is really a marvel of modern (homo)sexuality. Rejoice!

By taking your pants off! And masturbating!

Or feel free to use these guys like figure drawing models. Though they tend not to hold still for long. And it could be difficult to draw a masturbatory hand blur. I've tried. 

Okay, I changed my name back from Vlad. People thought I was Vlad the Impaler. And I'm a pacifist. No impaling to see here. Though I've heard there are other kinds of impaling that can be interesting.

Now check out the view behind that twink? He's a bottom on top of the world. 

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