Calvin Klein's EX-Pornstar Boyfriend Busted!

If you're a gay who likes juicy gossip then you will know already about how Calvin Klein was dating Ex-porner Nick Gruber (porn name Aaron Skyline).The two have to been seen all around the world acting all "boy and sugar-daddy", and Calvin is certainly enjoying his time with the buff, blonde model.

According to TMZ, Nick was busted in the early morning of April 24th for cocaine possession, but that was not all that went down. Someone called 911 to report that Nick had punched a man in the face and when the police arrived on the scene they saw a cut on the victim's face; they then strip-searched Nick and found the cocaine.


Nick is facing 3 criminal charges: assault, resisting arrest and possession of a controlled substance. Calvin may or may not care. They dated for over 2 years but now that the two have been on a break since January of this year, we'll see if Calvin will address this "situation." Nick is currently in police custody.

Well, nobody ever said boy toys were low maintenance!

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