ToeGasms is one of those sites that bring us something a little different. They feature young amateur twinks with serious foot fetishes. Licking them, smelling them, and even bringing their big cocks off to orgasm with them. Hence their name. Cain and Riley are two such youngsters who really get into bringing each other off with their feet. Both are very cute, hung, and have no qualms about getting down in front of the camera. Let's have some pedal fun shall we!


What a cute guy. With his very lean physique, tattoos and rock hard dick, it's no wonder his partner loves having his feet worshipped by him. I'm not sure who is who in this shoot, but I do believe this guy already blew a load. Must really like those feet.


What a sweet set of balls. They hang nice and low. It looks as though this boy is cumming a load with that beautiful foot touching him just right. Feet can be very erotic parts of the body. They feel so warm and strong and can do just what a hand can do. Perhaps even more by the looks of these shots.


Ah yes. The afterglow of a nice orgasm. Here you get a good look at our two young twinks. They look to be just about 18 or 19 these boys. The age of experimentation. Life was so fine then wasn't it? Everything is so new and fresh. Pardon me while I get nostalgic. ToeGasms look as though they will be around for a while providing lots of pedal fun for us. Give them a visit and see if they don't satisfy your foot fetish.

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