Sexy jock Cade is back for another video at Corbin Fisher. This hot fucking guy has become quite the regular at Corbin Fisher, and that's alright with me, I could watch this guy fuck all day long. And he does seem to be one of the regulars that Corbin Fisher calls on when they've got a jock who needs his first ass fucking -- Cade's done Mason, Dawson, Brent, Mitch, Mike, and a couple of a group sex scenes. But Cade has also had his ass fucked a couple of times. Cade is a 22-year-old, muscular jock, standing 5'11" and weighing a solid 185 pounds. And with his 8-inch cock, he's a popular top on the site. When soft, his cock hangs beautiful, sitting on top of his low hanging balls, and he even looks like he's sporting a little foreskin, but he is cut. When his cock gets hard, his shaft gets really thick at the base, and it cock turns upwards in a strong banana curve. He's got a hot, suckable cock head, a little less plump than it should be for that thick shaft, but quite delicious nonetheless. And when this jock shoots his load, it's a thick, creamy mess all over his hand and smooth belly. In this week's video update, Cade is fucking Spencer, who has been doing his own fair share of fucking and getting boned on the site.

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