Byron Hawkwood Is Latest COLT Icon Byron Hawkwood Is Latest COLT Icon

We're usually familiar with the stunning men who are selected for COLT's wonderfully retro Icon series (because we're old!), but Byron Hawkwood doesn't ring a bell or anything else with us. Not that his bulging muscles and sculpted ass aren't reason enough to remember him. But it's his awesome feathered hairdo that we're really living for. Just take a look at that impressive example of Farrah Fawcett layering! In the press release, the studio makes mention of Byron's "head full of thick brown hair" and "mustache that would make any highway cop jealous." However, it doesn't get into the intricate coiffing, blow-drying and pounds of mousse it must have taken to create this feminine yet manly helmet look. For more information (and maybe some styling tips!?), visit COLT Studio Group.

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