I'm 200% gay, so it came as a great shock to me one day when I discovered that, on occasion, sex between men in bisexual porn can be really hot! Who would have thought? Allow me to elaborate'

In the past when viewing the occasional gay porn that had a scene or two with a woman to serve the 'story' (e.g. Mark Reynolds' Best Friends), I usually found such scenes nauseating and easily raced beyond with the wondrous fast forward button that is a porn hound's best friend. Watching a dude eat out a vagina or flick his tongue over a set of big titties is simply repulsive to me as it is to many gay men. I had tried to watch a few bisexual vids and found the guys to be disgusting and the sex completely mediocre.

Therefore, I rarely explored bisexual porn regardless of how hot the cover guys might have been because I knew that, overall, I would be grossed out by the whole affair. But then, simply by chance, a couple of years ago I joined a Web site that had clips from hundreds of vids. Most of the clips were extracted from the marvelous European porn company, Man's Best, who has produced a countless number of high quality gay pornos with some of the world's most delicious boys. Judging by the name of their company, I assumed that all of their vids were exclusively boy-based. I was wrong.

Amongst the pages and pages of vid clips available, I came across a few with appealing preview pics, but I was surprised to discover that Man's Best also produces bisexual vids. Because the dudes in the vids were so damned studly, I screened the clips, and boy was I in for a treat. One title in particular comes to mind, Cinesexx, which features some lovely Euro lads doing naughty things with each other in a public porn theater. Upon watching these scenes, I found out why bisexual vids can have hot moments, even to men who are totally and gladly gay.

When watching Cinesexx, I was struck by how erotic the structure was. One scene involved two gorgeous boys sitting next to each other in a theater who start quietly petting and making out while a big-boobed slutty blonde is watching them from two rows behind. While the boys start getting into each other's pants, the chick joins the scene for an explosive three-way. What was amazingly exciting about the scene was the taboo aspect of it all, the fact that these boys were into women, yet they were more turned on by each other. This leads to many moments of shared erotic glances between the boys or giving each other long, deep, wet kisses while the chick sucks their cocks. In other words, the erotic factor comes from the psychological aspect that these boys are doing something they're not supposed to be doing, and all the while they're being encouraged by a dirty whore who enjoys the sharing. Because the connection between the two boys was so intense and interesting, I was somehow able to tune out the horrific close-ups of muff-munching and vaginal drainage. The chick was merely a tool, a catalyst to give the action a twisted edge, and the result was very satisfying.

On a similar note, I'm reminded of another Man's Best creation in which a guy had just finished banging a chick while his roomie was sleeping next to them. As the girl fades into a nap, the dudes suddenly become interested in each other, and this leads to a long, methodical scene of two 'straight' Euro boys curiously exploring each other while the chick is fast asleep without a clue. Again, the hotness factor comes from the mood and tone of the scene, and the fact that the boys are secretly getting it on with each other while the dumb girlfriend is dreaming of her next douching session.

Just to be clear, I still feel that the majority of bisexual vids to which I've been exposed are downright nasty, unappealing and do not carry any eroticism whatsoever for a gay man. In many American-made bisexual vids, the guys are completely unemotional and detached, non-passionate, and simply using each other as available orifices (not to mention that a lot of them are uglier than a baboon's ass). These dudes don't kiss and they barely touch each other, and usually only one of the two guys in a three-way with a chick is the fluffy one who services the straight one. In other words, these sorts of bisexual vids are about guys who are really into chicks but allow themselves to get their dicks sucked by another guy or use 'em for a fuckhole simply because they've been paid to do so. This is completely different from what I described above. The European-based bisexual vids are intimate and full of passion, and it seems that the boys are into each other far more than the chicks. It is the complete opposite of the majority of American bisexual vids.

I take my hat off (and my pants) to Man's Best Productions, for they are the only porn company that ever succeeded in making me actually enjoy a bisexual vid. If you, too, are exclusively gay but totally into Euro porn, I urge you to check out some of what Man's Best has to offer in their alternative categories. You might have to turn the volume down when the she-bitches are screaming at the top of their lungs, but the boys are so worth it. Just cover your eyes during the close-ups of the hairy snatch-monsters.



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