I honestly believe that some people really have too much time on their hands. Of course, that isn't always a bad thing. How else would the rest of us get entertained? The front page of Butts Across America claims that it is a "family" site. However, I don't suggest surfing here while your 4 year old is seated beside you. This isn't for little ones in my humble opinion. "Butts" is an interesting concept, as the main index map gives you links to pics of people "mooning" the world from all across the States.You'll see the butt cracks of both genders and of a lot of different ethnicities. Although the surplus of bare buttocks is coming from inside the US, by click on the "Revel in the beauty of the world" banner you can also see some pretty nice looking buns from a few places in Europe and elsewhere. The bottom - get it? - line is this is just a rather fun idea. And I would imagine it would be ok for anyone say....13 and over to enjoy the site and it's pics. As an adult who is a born buttman, I'll just leave it at the fact that some of these people have really nice asses.

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