You know what I really love about Men at Play? It's not just that I find men in suits almost impossibly hot - which I do. It's the scenarios they come up with for their videos. Here's one of my favorites. CEO Ross discovers that Casper was fucking around at the office party, so he decides to teach him a lesson. Ross calls Casper to his office and confronts him, and as punishment tells Casper he must wear a butt plug for the rest of the working day. And as further humiation, Ross checks periodially throughout the day to make sure that butt plug is still in place.

And Casper discovers that this is a very long day - or maybe it just seems that way. Ross calls him in several times and inspect between Casper's cheeks - he wants to be sure that Casper doesn't forget this lesson anytime soon.


At the end of the day, Casper is again called into the office. This time the butt plus is removed, but Ross isn't finished with him yet! In fact, he's not even close.


Now that Casper's hole is nicely loosened up by an entire day with a butt plug, Ross decides to take advantage of this and fucks that stretched out hole till it's raw!


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