This is a neat site! Really cool layout and colour scheme. Butt Magazine is a pocket-sized rag that's been around since 2001. Based in the Netherlands, it's a magazine for and about homosexuals. There is no true format as they seem to feature anything that's good and interesting. Gay folks from around the globe chronical their kinky adventures, or mail in reviews of their favourite restaurants. The price seems to be reasonable at $30 euro for 4 issues. The t-shirts look cool too! If you feel you have a nice head (the big one), and/or a nice butt, send it in to "Buttheads" and it may be featured on the site.

This is not your average, run-of-the-mill website so you'll have to go see for yourself. There's a lot of cool stuff to surf through which will both intrigue and entertain you. Butt magazine is cool gay stuff.

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