Collin O'Neal's Marcos Melo has one of those cocks pretty well any horny individual will get on their knees and beg to have exploring their insides. I have no idea of it's exact dimensions, but let's just say it's pretty fucking big. Now of course he's one helluva hot latino stud as well. His bottom boi Markus Muller knows this all too well as he gets plowed something fierce with Marcos' formidable weapon. I had a hard time deciding which pics to use for this shoot but I think I made some good choices. Of course, the free vid gallery will give you all every indication of what the full length feature is all about.


Do I ever lie? He He. Look at the size of that luscious cock. Let's not forget Markus' perfectly sculpted buttocks as they get spread wide with Marcos' rod. What a fantastic shot. So clear and captured at a moment when the tight anus is still trying to accommodate the extra large girth.


It looks as though Marcos pulled out for a second. Only to plunge in even further as Markus trains his hungry hole to take more of the big stick. I love the manly beard on Marcos. He's such a stud with all that hardened muscle and perfect dong.


I'm teasing a bit there. Aren't I nasty? He He. Well Collin O'Neal has the full meal deal guys. The free vid preview is nothing short of sensational. As always. I've never known CO to let us down. Markus takes is so well and these two gorgeous guys were born to make porn together. Of that I'm sure you will surely agree.

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