Bulging Speedos

This is a perfect site for me - it's one of those blogs where I find myself saving the page and coming back to it when I have a spare minute, just to catch up on the latest photos. It's all photos here but it's not always only Bulging Speedos that are on show. There are some pretty horny lycra moments I can tell you; those gymnasts in their one-pieces for example. But yes, there are lots of cock outlines, lots of big bulges, some smaller, many in actual Speedos but lots in other forms of swimwear and tightly fitting, ass-hugging, material. Yum.

The images are set out on the page in a kind of random manner and you click one to see an enlargement of it. Here you get a bit further into the blog and you can read notes (comments) about each one by clicking over to the other Tumblr members who have made a note about it. These images tend to get blogged and re-blogged around the place so you soon find yourself catching up with other guys and gals who have a passion for the same thing. Right, I've said enough now; I want to go and do some more ogling at these bulging beauties.

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