Bulge Report

You can pay and sign up to The Bulge Report if you want to see a sighting of Barack Obama's penis, and many other things, I expect, or you can simply browse the free pages. I have to admit that I was expecting to see images of guys with bulges, men in underwear, perhaps some celebs with lumps in the crotch and those kind of voyeuristic, secretly snapped images of ordinary guys with a bit of a packet. There is some of that here, but this blog-cum-membership site is about so much more. For example, there were articles about film stars and their antics, and then there were pics of guys in bulging briefs. It is a nice old mix of stuff really and good fun. The site has found quality things to tell us about, and it links you over to all kinds of other blogs for some nicely off the wall celeb and star, gay and packet news. I particularly liked the link to the top 15 celebrity bulges of all time. Thomas Evans was at number 15, closely followed by the new Superman, but who was at number one? A clue: it's not just one person. And to find out, you need to click over to this comic relief of a blog and take a pervy look.

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