buggery.org is, in the author Paul 's own words: "A blog, an archive and an exercise in self-aggrandisement for Paul Kidd, a cranky, toxic old queen with a sharp eye, a lazy ear and a hypothalamus that just won't quit." Self-directed humor and his modesty aside, this is a supremely intelligent Aussie, very free with his autobiographical stories, who sees the world from a unique perspective. In love with his gorgeous and equally adoring husband, Paul takes on politics, culture and "conventional wisdom" (an oxymoron?) with a skeptical and insightful perspective. He interlaces moments of total humanity with sharply-worded criticisms of local and world politics and perceptions, most of which are directed at those who fear the gay lifestyle. Paul Kidd is not above waxing poetic about his two Labrador Retrievers, or about his life and times and his loves. But he is also one sharp observer of the human condition, made easier no doubt by surviving and dealing with his HIV situation. He gives a preciousness to his observations which flows through the entire blog, arming it with sensitivity and outright anger. This is a diverse site, not necessarily one where you'd go for porn. But I can guarantee anyone who visits here will leave smarter for it. And that ain't bad.

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