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Adam and Dylan were hanging out the other day, watching a horror flick and having a generally lazy day. Adam was feeling a little bored, so he grabbed his pillow, and with a rambunctious yell, swatted his buddy Dylan across the head. Dylan grabbed his weapon and an all-out pillow fight ensued. Dylan suddenly realized that his hand was on Adam's thigh. Adam saw it, too. Adam had always had a bit of a crush on his buddy, but was always too afraid to try anything. So when Dylan leaned his body across Adam's body, the young, blonde stud turned his head back and looked Dylan right in the eyes. Signaling that this was cool, Dylan accepted the invitation and kissed his friend first on the cheek, and then, on the lips. The guys fell into a passionate kiss, and then, they were ripping the clothes off one another. Adam slid between his buddy's legs and started sucking his cock. When Dylan's cock was rock hard, Adam offered his ass to his friend, and the two guys fucked hard. Watching first loves blossom into hard, throbbing cocks is a big turn-on and these two studs really go at it on Next Door Buddies.

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