If you're not familiar with pornstar Buck Angel, he's a masculine and tattooed, a little on the rough side with a shaved head and usually smoking a big black cigar. He's also got a pussy. That's right - a pussy. Buck Angel is the only female-to-male transsexual pornstar on the web today, and he's hot!

Buck is one of the nicest guys in porn and we were lucky enough to ask Buck some questions about his career in porn, and his answers are pretty interesting.

Question: "What made you decide to get into porn?"

Buck Angel: I saw a need for porn like mine. There was "chicks with dicks" porn but no "man with a pussy" porn. I still cannot believe I am the only one doing this. Just goes to show you how important it is.

Question: "Since you are the only FtM transsexual in adult, do you think that made it easier or hard for you to get started?"

Buck Angel: "Oh, for sure much harder. It is always hard to be a pioneer at something. I think especially in the adult business. They want something that makes money and I am having to prove that I have a product that sells. That is not easy when you have to start from scratch."

Question: "What has been a pornstar done for you?"

Buck Angel: "WOW! It has changed my life. I had no idea that doing this porn work was going to evolve into so much more. I am teaching people that there is more to sexuality and gender, that the world is not black and white. That just because I do not have a cock that makes me any less of a man. People are so closed minded about these things. My work opens people's minds."

Question: "Has being in porn impacted on your personal life?"

Buck Angel: "Not really. I have always been pretty open with my sexuality andmy partner is and always has been very supportive."

Question: "Do you have any new movies coming out?"

Buck Angel: "Yes. I just released 'The Adventures of Buck Naked Director's Cut" with

my new distribution company, Avalon Enterprises. My next movie "Buck Angel's V for Vagina" will be out next month."

Question: "Can you tell us a little about your website? How involved are you in it, and how do you find your models?"

Buck Angel: "My membership site,, has all kinds of hot nasty video

clips and photo galleries. I also have a live webcam and stories. I have become so busy with shooting that I now have a webmaster who has taken over updating my site on a weekly basis. I usually find my models by advertising on my site. People email me wanting to participate. I also go through agencies. This has not been that easy because people are so closed minded in the adult world and freak out on me.

Question: "Do you think that you being a high profile adult star has changed people's perceptions of female to male transsexuals?"

Buck Angel: "Yes, for sure. I get so many great emails from people saying that I am

doing such a great service to the community and it is so refreshing to see someone who is so comfortable with themselves."

Question: "What's next in store for you and your career?"

Buck Angel: "Well, I just got back from NYC where I was the featured performer at The

Black Party. It was an historical moment! Over 5000 gay leathermen watching me perform. They loved it! Who could ever imagine that gay men would be so intomy pussy! I also have some TV shows that are interested in me and I am in the process of discussing a mainstream movie deal. Who knows - looks like the sky's the limit for Buck Angel!"

We'll be keeping an eye open for Buck's new movies, and hopefully we can review them for you. If you want to know more about Buck Angel or check out his man-pussy, you can either visit his fan site at or check out his member site

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