Bryce Star's Cock Gets Photoshopped

It's a simple fact of life nowadays that if you want to be on the cover of some magazine or be the spokesperson to some brand, you gotta get photoshopped. It's become the standard almost in every mag we see. I guess no one wants to see just how ugly Juila Roberts is without the help of Lancome and their little Photoshop elves.

Of course, now Photoshop has made it's way into the mainstream, it was only a matter of time that those horny PS elves got their hands some gay porn and started to work their "magic" on one of my favorite cocks! Bryce Star, in my opinion, has one of the most suckable cocks in porn at the moment and it has a birthmark almost at the very top. I have seen it hundreds of times in pics and videos 'cos I am freaky like dat.

Gay porn star's cock

Well, recently a shot of Bryce in his new flick "So Into You" for shows us Bryce's cock "sans birthmark", and this leads me to believe that there is some sort of fuckery going on here - and I demand the birthmark back! Not everything has to be picture perfect all the time, and seriously in my eyes Bryce's birthmark on his cock gave it delicious character; you know, the kind of character that you could suck on all day and all night!

So when it comes to porn, do we wanna see perfectly airbrushed pics or do we want our pics to have that "realness" to them? Take a look at both pics above & I'll let you decide and debate. For now, I'll just inspect those Bryce Star cock pics just a little bit longer...

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