brute by Simon

I love my comic books and hit the store every Wednesday for new release day. I'm not so interested in the Hollywood studio animation movies, but I do love Family Guy. I also spend a lot of time hunting the Web to see how gay artists are exploring and presenting naked men in their art. Brute by Simon caught my eye the other. I've seen this artist's site a couple of times before, but now that I'm blogging for Gay Demon, I decided to take another look. And it's worth checking out. Simon has been adding to this collection of drawings since 2005. He tends to focus on the kinds of men that he loves - big, burly bear men, really hairy like a gorilla men. His galleries of pictures are divided into five main categories: Uniforms (military and others), History (Romans, gangster, and all kinds of historic reflections), Strength (strong men), Black Label (naked men), and Pros & Leisure (working men and men in leisure activities). I had a lot of fun cruising these galleries and checking out all the sexy men. A lot of them are just way too hairy for me - if you lived with one of these men, you'd be hoovering the house and the bed every day! Brute by Simon also offers a lot of wallpapers; I already downloaded one and installed it on my computer's desktop. Simon shares links of some of his favorite artists, so now I've got a few more sites to hunt through. And I just signed up for his newsletter, so I'll see what goodies come my way.

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