Brute by Simon is a very focused collection of artwork by a most interesting guy who obviously enjoys and depicts the "Bear" genre of gay sexuality. What makes it somewhat more remarkable is the consistency of his art work. No doubt - although this is a complete guess - Simon himself resembles the main character in his art work. There is an eerie Bob Hoskins look-alike mode occurring here, featuring what almost anyone would call a strong-looking, stocky, well-muscled but otherwise perfectly average-looking man. And therein lies the beauty of an artist such as this who can display his version of "Everyman", as if this version had his own, hidden but incredibly strong Bear-like tendencies and impulses. These images are detailed, hairy, strong, not always sexual but always consistently featuring the same guy in this website, sometimes wearing period costumes or other situational clothing. And a delight it all actually is, too. To this viewer, it seems this very consistency rather strangely evokes the overall sense of what Simon is trying to get across - his own interest in the hot sexuality underneath that "average" exterior. There is a throbbing sort of complexity and tension that screams out "Sex" in these paintings. What makes it relieving and even hotter are those pictures involving the full-out nudity we seem to wait patiently to unfold. We do indeed get it, but it is not the primary tension-producing feature. Evocative, strange yet still-sexy, Brute by Simon is one fascinating web site.

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