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Gay porn sites generally get a lot of mail from members who want to jerk off, suck cock, and get gangbanged for their favorite site. Mike Tanner is a Bound Gods member who wanted to sub in a scene for the site. A lot of this e-mail comes from tire kickers, guys who think in the moment that it's a good idea, but when it comes to shedding their clothes and getting it on in front of the cameras, most of them back down.

Mike is a construction worker and he was not a tire kicker. He really want to fall into the hands of some brutal top who would take him to places he'd never been before. Meet Nick Moretti. He's no stranger to Bound Gods - he's featured regularly on the site and he's a brutal top. Mike didn't go easy on this boy. Nick ties up Mike and puts a mouth stretcher on him, then tugs on his balls to test the waters. When he's sure that Mike can handle what he's about to dish out, he gets started.

First there's a heavy corporal scene where Nick flogs Mike, spanks his ass, and throws him on his knees and feeds this slave his boots. Mike's ripped body reddens up in no time. Then Nick clips a string of clothes pins on Mike's cock and balls and the slave cries in pain. He begs for mercy, but you know how this goes ... Lashed to a wooden cross, Mike endures a hard fucking from this handsome master, and in the end, Mike takes Nick's hot cum load all over his face. Mike is practically speechless in the post session interview; this is unlike anything he's ever experienced. Check the preview preview video over at Bound Gods.

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