Brutal Master

Dak Ramsey is one of my favourite masters on Bound Gods. Aside from being a hot-looking fucker and sporting a big, meaty cock, Dak Ramsey is a brutal master who knows how to dole it out. Jason Miller was turfed out of the Bound Gods dungeon, he just wasn't strong enough to take what the masters were handing out. Jason has been working out hard and he begs to come back to the dungeon. Dak Ramsey is ready to try this boy out again and see if he's improved. Dak starts off in full leather and flogs Jason into submission. He intends to remind this slave what this dungeon is all about. Jason isn't sure he's up for it when he sees Dak pull out a single-tail whip. But after many hard lashes, Jason is begging his Master to fuck his ass. Dak Ramsey is going to fuck his slave's ass, but in his own time. He feeds his slave his thick, meaty cock first; and then, gets into some punishing tit play and cock bondage. And Master Dak finally fucks his slave's ass, Jason thanks this master for the hot cum load.

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