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Muscle bear Bruno Knight and grey-haired daddy Samson Stone play a couple of workmen by the names of Hammer and Crowbar, and they work for a hard-nosed fucker who simply calls himself The Boss (Trojan Rock). In this scene from Alpha Male Fuckers, the Boss throws some boxes down on the floor and orders these two hairy men to sort them out.

But as these things usually go in gay porn videos, these studs have other things on their mind. Bruno and Samson start exploring every inch of their hard, hairy bodies. Rubbing, touching, kissing, licking, these two horny men do it all ... nuzzling their beards, snorting their sweaty armpits, kissing, and that's just the beginning.

Bruno sits back in a chair while Samson feasts on his meaty cock. And when the silver-haired hairy hunk bends over and offers his butt to his hairy and tattooed buddy, Bruno licks it with his wet tongue. With his ass slippery and spit-shined, Samson braces himself for Bruno's big dick. Bruno pushes it in hard and goes to town, pounding Samson's butt. When Bruno is done fucking his buddy's ass, he fills up Samson's hungry mouth with a big, creamy load of cum and Samson doesn't spill a drop. He laps up every last drip from Bruno's piss slit.

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