Your webmaster and owner here "is a writer, film-maker, and photographer stuck in the gulag otherwise known as Toronto, Canada." He has been at his art since childhood and soon began to work on homo punk fanzines and the like. Before long, several short films followed and throughout the years he has broadened his horizons immensely. Recently completing his first European tour with "Otto", showing it at the Berlin International Film Festival, The Istanbul Indpendent Film Festival, and a special screening at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. If you are frightened or turned off by anything extremely violent - even if it IS only fictional film - then BruceLaBruce will not be for you. For from what I see it is a very dark and bloody place, Bruce's mind. And thus he has portrayed the inside of his head to us in a red and black flash powered blog akin to many "satanic" type web journals. If you can handle a little blood and horror, then it would be worth your while to stop by here and have a read. It's quite an interesting place and Bruce looks like a damn good film producer.

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