Corbin Fisher Threeway

When you've got two brothers posing nude for a gay porn site, it's only a matter of time before they're going to be asked to perform together. Corbin Fisher loves filming tag team fucking, so it was natural that he'd ask Elijah and Simon to film a threeway with a guy hot enough to take on both their cocks at the same time. Both Elijah and Simon have been exploring their gay sex education on Corbin Fisher, and they've even tag teamed some pussy on Corbin Fisher's straight site, but the brothers haven't been involved in any guy-on-guy sexual encounters together. So this was a big step for them. And the "victim" of these brothers was a no brainer: No one takes care of a straight guy's cock better than Trent. And he was thrilled at the thought of getting boned by a pair of brothers at the same time. Trent had a blast and got fucked silly. And watching Simon and Elijah jabbing him from both ends was pretty hot. The brothers occasionally checked one another out and were even spurned out by what the other was doing - a little friendly, brotherly competition. Every time one brother took over from the other, he'd amp up the fucking. But Trent didn't mind the sibling rivalry and took every inch of it and begged for more. In the end, Trent ended up with three creamy loads all over his chest and belly!

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