Great Britain is one of the most unlikely places to find a cowboy, but UK Naked Men is showing us that England has a lot more to offer than the Royal Family and Big Ben. UK Naked Men is a brand new site and cowboy TJ is one of their newest models. He's 26, 6', weighs in a 150 pounds, and sports a 8.5" uncut cock. Okay, I'll resist the Big Ben joke, but he really does have a lovely, big cock. Wrapped up in a cock ring, his cock flops from side to side in picture after picture. And he's got a tight set of shaved nuts. Rising from his pubes is a nice treasure trail that stops at his belly button. His chest is lean and smooth. In this gallery, TJ's sporting cowboy gear and sitting on a couple of bales of hay. He's got a really hot snake tattoo that curls across his butt cheek, wraps around his side, and hisses across his torso. And what a hot fucking ass! If TJ had been around when they were casting Brokeback Mountain, it would have definitely been a more interesting movie.

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