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Well, I don't know what it is about some gay porn stars and their love for breakin' the law! I guess some might think they can recreate a scene from a porn flick when the cop pulls them over and says: "Spread' em!"

Porn hottie Brock Master (who has a massively delicious cock!) was arrested in Florida for violating his parole, which involved a hit and run accident. If that weren't bad enough, his girlfriend (yes, you read right, girlfriend) who is "with child" had to bail his ass out of jail! Talk about a Jerry Springer moment!

The 37 year old was bailed out for $800 and his ass was taken home. Hopefully, his girlfriend gave him a good lecture on how violating a parole is bad, and no matter how big his cock is, it will never be his get out of jail card, or actually... maybe it is!

Take a look at his mug shot here. (Go on, you know you wanna!)

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