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Leroy is a tall and horny guy from Manchester, England. He works as a barman in one of Manchester's biggest bars and you can quite often find him partying late into the night after all the bar's patrons have gone home. Everyone thinks a barman's life is one pick-up after another, but most guys aren't willing to hang around until the bar is cleaned up, so Leroy often goes home alone. But tonight he's snagged a good-looking guy.

Tony is a fit, slender guy from Leeds, in the north of England. He's got a delicious accent, but his best feature is his meaty cock. He works in a gay sauna, and like Leroy, his sex life isn't as interesting as everyone thinks.

These guys are all over each other as the Blake Mason cameras start to roll. They've got a lot of pent up sexual energy and they need a release. The guys start kissing on the couch and Tony strips right out of his clothes. Leroy strips, too, but he leaves his shirt on, which actually looks kind of hot. The guys take turns swallowing one another's cocks. Then they move an ottoman close to the edge of the sofa to give themselves some extra room. Leroy lies back on the ottoman and Tony starts thumbing his fuck hole. Then Tony slides his big, hard cock into Leroy's juicy hole and Leroy's in heaven. Tony drills Leroy with his fat cock and it's not long before Leroy's is spurting out a creamy load all over his belly. (Oh yeah, he did finally remove that shirt.)

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