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Wouldn't you like to walk out of your office every day and see Ben, your personal assistant, sitting right outside your door? I don't know how much work I'd be getting done knowing this 26-year-old stud was only a phone call away. Standing 6'1", 160 pounds, and packing an 8-inch uncut dick, he's scrumptious. I'd be thinking about calling him into my office, closing the blinds, and getting down on my knees to slobber all over that big dick of his. In this series, Ben is sitting back in his chair, reclining with his feet up on his desk. He loosens his tie and unbuttons his shirt to reveal a smooth and solid chest. He unbuttons his pants and slides them down his thighs; and he's not wearing any underwear. As he stands there, his bigs balls are hanging just below the tails of his shirt - nice, healthy set of low hangers to hold in your hand. Then Ben slides his trousers around his ankles and sits back down in his chair. He hoists his legs and massages his butt hole with his fingers. What a tease! I know he's the personal assistant, but with a cock like this, I'm betting he'd be the boss.

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