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Blake Mason's Brice has been featured in quite a few shots. Most of them have been in solo scenes and apparently he's has harbored a deep yearning to get fucked for a lot of years. What better person to carry out that task than his buddy Lucas. He's got all the tool needed for a good top - he's hot, hung and has experience breaking in a newbie like Brice. The expressions on Brice's face during his de-flowering are fantastic. Pure ecstacy.

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Lucas mounts his pal and gives him what he's so long been itching for. Balls deep and driving it home, rumour has it that Brice begged for more and got it. He's certainly a lucky man as Lucas is a major hunk.

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There we get a nice smile from Brice the bottom boy. He'll never look back now. Once you've had a nice cock up your ass you're like a lion that's had it's first taste of human blood. You crave it all the time.

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There's that look I was talking about. Pure bliss. Ah yes. There really isn't much else that can stimulate the prostate like a big cock up your ass. LOL. Blake Mason have really done a good job here with Brice and Lucas engaging in their fuck scene. I'm sure they'll keep it up as they love to turn us on to no end.

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