Black pornstar Brian Bodine

Porn stars come and go. And sometimes they come back remastered and in widescreen! Just a few years back, smooth stud Brian Bodine was headlining movies for Lucas Entertainment, World of Men and Studio 2000. Then he was gone. Now, he's returned in a newly remastered version of a 2007 solo he did for Man Avenue titled "Beach Jock". Not that we're complaining. Any reason is a good reason to see this black beauty's hard tattooed body and bulging muscles once again. The Man Avenue men say that back in the day they found Brian near the beach and "coaxed him to the pad to get naked and show off for us." They also noticed that "his huge penis was halfway down his thigh...even before getting hard." Hello!? That's why he went on to become a major porn star! In this scene, he soon pops jizz all over his perfect chest and then walks off to shower with cum dripping down sensually. Someone needs to find Brian Bodine asap! For more information, visit

Brian Bodine jerking off

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