Cocktails with Brent Corrigan

Brent Corrigan made a splash in the gay porn scene from the very first day he spread his butt-cheeks open to a throbbing 12-inch cock. His ability to ride a cock like a rodeo cowboy made him an instant fave with most porn fanatics. But Brent has crossed the line from simple porn star to the rare porn & beyond phenomena.

His over 45,000 followers on Twitter and the fact that he has thousands of fans on his Facebook account prove that Brent is something more than just a porn flash in the pan. But as we all know, with great popularity there also comes a great amount of shade and Brent has had a lot of shade thrown his way over the past year. From rumors that he is a MEGA-Queeny-diva to his co-stars to even more rumors about his offscreen antics, Brent has probably heard it all before but yet he manages to stay upbeat and carries on like a pro.

Corrigan was recently at "GayDays 2011" in Orlando where Fabscout shot a quick interview with the hunk, where he talked about how much he loved cocktails, big cocks and, of course, his fans... it's nice to see a porn star with priorities! HELLO!

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