Brent Corrigan beyonce of gay porn.jpg

O.k - Brent Corrigan can seriously do no wrong in my book. He is so fucking adorable! Not only is he super sweet but this stud is also super talented! He can bottom like like a cock-starved pro, act, dance AND sing! Take about a quadruple threat! Sasha Fierce ain't got nothing on this pretty boy!

Now, we can see Brent put all of his abilities to the test in this new short movie "I Was A Teenage Werebear," that has been making the rounds at different movie festivals all summer long. Here we get a saucy clip of this stud gyrating his boo-tay to the beat, and of course busting out some serious melodic honey! I think I am in love but I better get in line 'cos so are hundreds of thousands of gays!

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