Chris Crocker sucking cock

When Chris Crocker started to upload nude pics of himself on his twitter and tumblr accounts last year, and started tweeting with the likes of Chi-Chi LaRue and porn stars galore, the gay flamingo pink writing was pretty much on the wall. The cray-cray who once cried "Leave Britney Alone" would soon be making his porn debut and he thought "all gays will want a 'Piece Of Me' (Did you see what I did there? I had to throw in a little Britney pun! C'MON!!)

Then came the Cybersocket award nomination for best new comer 2011, which was quite funny being that he had never even really made a porn flick, yet was nominated! Yes, it all seemed that would would soon be seeing Chrissy making his debut but alas, that was not mean to be!

Chris was out and about promoting his new documentary "Me At The Zoo" at the Sundance film festival, and gave an interview to Queerty. When asked if he was still going to go through with the entire porn thing, he shrugs it off and says he doesn't know what's going on with "that." (4:20)

Well, now some are thanking the gay Lord in heaven that Chrissy's ummm.... cock and ass are staying away from the porn scene, while others are crying rivers knowing that they will not see him bottoming (who are we kidding, it's more than obvious) for long schlongs that wanna get the friction on. Whatever happens here, one thing is for sure; with Chris Crocker you can never really be too sure of what he is going to do in the next week, let alone an entire year!

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