Breaking In The New Guy Breaking In The New Guy

Anytime a new guy joins the frat house, other members need to break him in. No practical jokes for this crew. Their idea of breaking someone in, is fucking the guy. Chris has barely moved in before he is subjected to this initiation. Starting with getting cocks warmed up for fucking. That means sucking off multiple dicks. Going from cock to cock to cock. Even trying to take three cocks at a time! Going in as deep as possible so those dicks feels his tonsils.

With the cocks warmed up for action, it is time to break in Chris ass. The guys are very democratic about this. Passing Chris asshole from guy to guy. Smoking and drinking in-between each fuck. Some even smoke while riding Chris ass. At the end of all of this Chris will have a hole that is broken in, with ton of cum in his mouth. Being the new guy does have its privileges!

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