Breaking In New Bottom Breaking In New Bottom

It is amazing how cyclical gay porn is. It was only a few years ago that Adam Archuleta was a newcomer to the industry. Wide-eyed and inexperienced, he learns on the job. The first time he ever bottomed was for Bel Ami Online. Now it is Adam who is the gay porn veteran. As such it is he that is breaking in newcomers. Just like he was broken in a few years ago.

Meet Rhys Jagger, the latest addition to Bel Ami Online. With his sparkling blue eyes, this hunk has broad shoulders and big muscle. Rhys must spend all his time at the gym, correct? Nada. He only goes to the gym once a year! Attributing his physique to a diet of no salt or sodium. Sporting a huge uncut cock, Rhys has mastered the art of topping well. But not bottoming, which is where Adam comes in. Time to learn the fine art of being a bottom. Who better to teach that than Adam? Rhys is a willing and eager pupil, judging by these pictures. But this is just the beginning. Rhys will have many more lessons by the fine male performers of BelAmiOnline. Nobody does it like them.

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