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Evan is a 21-year-old straight guy who wants to get into the porn business. He shot his first video for Circle Jerk Boys, and at the time, he said he'd be willing to do anything to learn the ropes. A porn producer lovers hearing that, especially from a straight boy. So Circle Jerk Boys paired him up with Tristan, and Evan is about to learn that boys really do suck cock better than girls. Evan is over 6-feet tall and his cock is juicy and thick. Tristan is no virgin when it comes to porn, in fact, he seems to get paired up most often with straight guys who need breaking in. And this is a little frustrating for Tristan because he likes his sex rough; so in order not to scare these guys away, he has to restrain him. Tristan wastes no time getting Evan's fat cock in his mouth. And Evan is indeed impressed with how good a guy's mouth feel. So impressed that he shoots his load all over Tristan's face.

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