Break The Illusion

Davey Wavey wants you to feel good about yourself, and so he's set up Break The Illusion, a blog/site where you can come to get your ego massaged and be told how loved you are. But this place isn't all wishy-washy lovey-dovey; it's got an edge to it. There are articles here to make you think, not just about yourself, but about other gay people in the world. There are also videos and articles about keeping fit, with fitness programs, diet tips and ideas so you can start to look and feel better. There are photos, but anything overtly naked is fudged out so you are not looking at a gay erotic site here. A lifestyle one, perhaps, and a spiritual one. It is an advice area, a place to come when you want to start thinking about making a change and a difference. That's not to say this isn't also a fun place to check out, because it can be. You can even catch Davey live, it seems, and even his sponsor adverts are worth a look.

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