Hairy Bravo Delta Goes Hardcore

It's always exciting to watch a promising young artist blossom. And Cocky Boys exclusive Bravo Delta is opening up some new horizons for himself. The onetime Xtube sensation from New England has quickly won a following with his perfect body and unruly chest hair. He's only done solo work and an oral scene with Max Ryder so far, so some were beginning to wonder whether the oddly named porn star would ever do more. Would he just become another Cody Cummings?! Well, 21-year-old Bravo has taken the plunge and done full-on hard-core gay sex, including up-the-butt action, with Montreal man (and fellow exclusive) Arnaud Chagall. (Is he named after a French painter or something!?) The set-up has the two hotties going for a run in the rain. After some stretching and sit-ups, Arnaud gets to suck that bravo of a cock before bending over to take tube. Okay, there is some awkward kissing, but you gotta hand it to Delta for adding ploughing to his sexual oeuvre--and for that overgrown pec fur. Woof! So, what will the online studio get him to do next? Can fisting be far behind!? Stay tuned. For more information, visit

Bravo Delta's first gay fuck!

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