Bravo Delta Gets Kinky With Deviant Otter Bravo Delta Gets Kinky With Deviant Otter

There's not much that Deviant Otter can do to surprise us. This gonzo gay porn star, aka Devin Totter, who launched his site a couple of months ago, is already making a name for himself by producing edgy content that pushes the boundaries of pleasure (was he really doing party drug molly in a recent double-penetration clip!?) and pain (those sounding scenes...ouch!). But what's surprising about his latest release, "Poppers, Piss and Perverts," is his co-star.

Onetime Cocky Boys exclusive Bravo Delta agreed to film with Deviant Otter after Totter approached him on social media. Now, pint-size Delta has never been known for his exciting on-screen performances. From his early days as a shady XTube soloist to his self-conscious work with Cocky Boys, this nerdy furball has always been fairly awkward and bland (perhaps because he declines to identify as gay, instead giving some vague percentage of his homo/hetero makeup). Well, that all changes with this scene. Maybe it's Devin teaching him how to use poppers that unleashes the wild man. But the shocking thing here is that the gap-toothed geek, who is a brainy engineer in real life, actually seems to be enjoying himself. Whether he has his head buried deep in Totter's ass, eating as if it's his last meal, or is pissing in his mouth as Totter gargles with it while smoking a (crack!?) cigarette. There's also a fisting sequence and hard-core fucking with Bravo on top (Totter screaming, "It really hurts!" adds a certain realism to the scenario).

In the press notes, Devin writes, "Bravo definitely has more kink in him then I had expected. I'm used to seeing him in a more 'vanilla' light online, so I was shocked when he said he would be into some rough assplay and piss. Needless to say, after a few adult beverages I took full advantage of the opportunity to explore his more deviant side." Hmmm, so maybe it was the booze that makes them both look so wasted!?

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