Lately, he's been doing it and doing it for Cockyboys, but before Bravo Delta became a superstar exclusive with the online studio, he was an XTube sensation. Who can forget those aviator sunglasses, not to mention that muscular furry torso and large juicy cock? Now, Bravo is getting back to his amateur roots with a new seven-minute XTube clip. "A Return to the Fleshlight Fuck" finds him still in fine form, though Delta thinks he looks "bloated from being reintroduced to an Italian diet." Whatever! The stud adds on his excellent Tumblr page, "I haven't uploaded anything in a pretty long time, and I haven't fucked my Fleshlight in a while either, so I did something about that." As for his trademark sunglasses, Bravo writes, "I've decided to keep the aviators as an XTube thing. Why? I don't know, I've always done it on there so why stop now?" Honestly, who cares about seeing his eyes when you can see all the rest of his big, hairy naughty bits!? Watch the solo video above, and to see more of Bravo having actual sex with other hot guys, visit

Bravo Delta1

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