bradys first time

Brady is a hot, 21-year-old, football running back and he's fucking a guy for the first time. I don't know how much Corbin Fisher is paying these guys, but he does manage to get some of the hottest straight studs out there giving it up for the first time on camera. Brady showed up on Corbin Fisher a few weeks back and now he's paired up with Cain, a handsome 19-year-old stud with sexy chin scruff.

Although Brady has never done anything with a guy before, he fell into the kissing part pretty comfortably. But then Cain is an easy guy to kiss. Cain fishes Brady's dick out of his jeans and starts sucking it. Then it's Brady's turn, and after a minute or so, Cain lets us know that Brady is doing a pretty good job. When Cain asks if anyone has ever eaten his ass before, Brady gets down on all fours. Cain licks the footballer's ass with his tongue. Then Brady lies on his back and Cain slides his bubble butt onto Brady's stiff cock. They kiss as they pump and Cain says, "Oh, you're fucking me so good!" Then they roll onto their sides and Brady rams Cain's ass hard. Cain's uncut cock is rock hard.

Cain gets down on all fours and Brady fucks him doggy-style. With his face buried in the bed, Cain jerks his cock while Brady is slamming his ass. Then Cain shoots his load all over the bed. That's enough for Brady, and this young virgin ass-fucker pulls out and shoots a thick load across Cain's back. After they calm down, the guys head into the shower and talk about how Brady felt about his first time. And I'm betting Brady is going to be back for more, and I can't wait to see this football player getting his cherry picked.

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