Boytoons Magazine is the blog of one of my favorite gay artist's - Patrick Fillon. It is absolutely loaded, featuring editions of his comic books dating back pretty much forever in online terms - to 2006. Easily-accessed samples from his comics, complete with the details of an artist's thought processes during the sculpting of these marvelous comic books, are replete throughout. Post in this blog deal with issues such as Photo manipulation and of drawing difficulties involving scale and color. His drawings and comics are always - and forever - sexy as hell. Large pulsating cocks, dripping with cum and precum, salivating and extremely sexy partners, having at one another in various sexual frenzies, all represent the comic and fantasy worlds which the fervid and active imagination of a fine gay artist like Patrick can cook up. And he delivers marvelously indeed. Incredible specimens of manly men, sucking and fucking and getting off in stupendous ways - that's the ticket, Patrick! Giove me more - and then more - of this deliciously sexy eye candy. Like Patrick says in a post dealing with "Mythical Males":

"Mythical Men are extremely HOT and they turn our cranks for reasons we can't always grasp. But it's enough that they just do!" Well said, brother, preach on!

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