BoysandBoys is an extremely stylish site, reflecting , I think, the fairly obvious quality of the author's aims and of the escorts who are offered here. Based in London, this escort service reaches around the world, to major cities all over. Madrid, Ibiza, Paris, Dubai, Zurich and New York City all have abundant guys and even some gals of nearly-intimidating good looks. This is definitely a swanky spot - for fantasizing alone if not for picking up an escort. Great pictures and galleries of handsome, well-built men and a list of their preferences, their experience and, for some, their prices, comprise the small bio's for each escort listed in here. Go into each city and there are guys waiting for appointments. It's some deliriously great shopping. Just to reiterate, these are somewhat special hunks. The prices tend to go to the $2-300 per hour types.

The site also offers insights into the city scenes of various most popular destinations. These are informed and obviously experienced reviews of the facilities offered. Paris, Rome, Barcelona - everywhere whose reputation is stylish and urbane, it would seem. Even shopping is included. Make no mistake - these are some high priced fare, from the escorts themselves to the indicated places to shop and club. But as the trend-setting site which describes the best or near-best available talents and places to go, this one has to rank highly indeed.

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