Boys For Breakfast was once a modest blog effort by a guy named Brad Breakfast who has very diligently built his formerly modest beginning effort into a huge and quite entertaining and highly successful gay porn blog. The "Boys Blog" features an interesting number of sites and niches, maybe especially including military young men doing the nasty, along with some interesting stuff from "Over 30". While Brad tends to stick with his age group - fortunately for us - he'll venture outside now and then. I was fascinated with his featuring "Super Size Fuck Machine", a big cock site, an episode of which got special play and was delightfully-shown. Then there are the hot 'gorgeous guy' episodes from Randy Blue, Corbin Fisher and the likes, which he features in equally-interesting ways, including close-up, large HD pictures as gallery introductions. Brad also opts for some lesser-known but hot sites which give us all a better view of the true range of gay male porn that's out there. It's no wonder he succeeds at what he presents. These posts are all red fucking hot and composed of zero shrinking violets. These studs are what you call horny. Great site!

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