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I'm not a huge fan of twinks, and I've often said that the only thing they're good for is getting down on their knees and polishing my boots. So my editor thought I'd be perfect to do the new site review of BoyNapped. And he was right. Watching smooth guys in their twenties all tied up and squirming while they get spanked or have all kinds of things shoved up their asses did get me pretty revved up.

BoyNapped has gone through quite a few changes over the last couple of years since our previous review. And the one thing I was happiest about was that they dumped DRM protection, which means there's no hassle for anyone, Windows and MAC users alike, to download the videos and enjoy them whenever they want. And with two new episodes weekly, this is a very good thing.

The other good news about BoyNapped is that they now give members access to seven other sites, and most of these feature more twinks. They've also doubled the number of videos in their library, so there's definitely a lot to see here.

While a lot of the scenes feature guys like these two in bondage and hot wax play, some of the scenes feature an older daddy type who uses these twinks for his perverted pleasures, and it's no surprise that I liked these the best. Still, seeing Zacary Starr all tied up with Matt Madison pouring hot wax all over his body was pretty stimulating. And when it comes to edging a dude's cock and making him beg to shoot his cum load, Matt is pretty good at it.

With all kinds of corporal punishment, creative bondage from rope to plastic wrap, and hardcore assplay; there's heaps of action on BoyNapped to keep BDSM fans happy. If you like watching 18 to 24 dudes being beaten or submitting to some nasty daddy-boy play sessions, you'll want to check out BoyNapped.

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