Blond hair, muscular body and a cock that's always hard - this describes Trey perfectly. With his boyish good looks, it's no surprise that Trey is very popular at Fratmen. He looks like the kind of guy you find working out at Muscle Beach in California. Well, I don't know where he's from, but I know Trey is hot! When he used to do live cam shows in his bedroom, guys used to fall deeply in lust. And last summer Trey got blown by another guy from Fratmen and members went nuts, so they've brought him back to do a solo shoot.

Man, what a cutie Trey is! With his shirt off showing his chest and arms, and his pants just a little open and barely hinting at things to come, he's the kind of guy who could make you drool.


And don't you love that ass? I know I do. I'd love to squeeze it in both hands, then spread it apart and slide my tongue between his cheeks till I could taste his tight, puckered hole.


Don't you love it - not only does Trey not trim his pubes, but they're natural blond. And what a perfect cut cock Trey has - it's no wonder the Fratmen members go crazy for more of him!


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