20 year old Seth Boxer is 6' 2" with eyes of blue, blond hair, a muscular jock body and boyish looks. Seth is a new find from Perfect Guyz, and definitely one of their better discoveries. From his defined abs to his powerful thighs, you'd think that Seth is an experienced model because of his confidence in front of the camera. He's pretty new to modeling, with a shoot or two under his belt, but that's all. Still he instinctively knew the best way to show off his chiselled physique and his very hard cock!

They started Seth by putting him outdoors, which worked really well for such an athletic guy. Surprisingly he needed almost no direction, and seemed to know all the perfect moves.


Seth may be straight, but with those lips that are just made for sucking cock, those bedroom eyes and that fresh, handsome look, he still makes great fantasy - or jerkoff - material.


And finally Seth in the the Perfect Guyz signature pose that makes him look like he's not only a horny amateur jock but also like a magazine centerfold!


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